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How To Make A Play House Out Of A Cardboard Box

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With Some Cardboard And A Bit Of Imagination Anything Is Possible!

If you would like to transform a plain cardboard box into a stimulating and colorful play house, all you need are some really basic and inexpensive materials in addition to a bit of old fashioned elbow grease.

Below, using pictures and detailed descriptions I have outlined the process that my husband and I used to construct a play house for our daughter. It is the first play house we have made and It took us about 3 hours in total.

The design is extremely simple but effective and now that we know how easy they are to make there will certainly be more complex play houses in our future so this page has enormous potential to expand as our play house adventures continue.

Materials Used


Duct Tape

Wrapping Paper


White Glue

Glue Sticks

Box Cutter


First Brainstorm With The Box

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I spent the better part of a week staring at this box before I was hit with a moment of blinding inspiration.

I knew that I wanted to make it into something for my daughter but I didn't have much money to put into it and though the box is fairly large, it still looked a bit short when it was folded as a box. The problem was that I was only looking at it from a single perspective.

So what I did was I turned it around and unfolded it to see how much cardboard I ACTUALLY had to work with and I discovered that it was actually quite deceptive, hiding two big flaps securing the bottom.


Once I had the rough house shape in my head, knowing how much cardboard I had to work with I thought about how to cover it cheaply and explained my plan to my husband who also helped to brainstorm and fine tune the design as well as prospective materials.

Then we went shopping!

Before I go into all the details of the construction of our play house I would like to say that this was made for a 10 month old little girl, so the pattern was created with a 10 month old in mind. There are several awesome details we could have elaborated on from a design perspective if she was a wee bit older however, those designs will have to wait a little while yet!

Lay The Box Out Flat

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The perspective in this photo makes it look like the box panels were uneven however I can confirm that the panels of the box are actually equal in size because the box was square.

We slit the crease between two of the panels so that we could work with a flat piece of cardboard to paper the interior and cut out shapes for the door and windows. You don't have to open the box out flat to do this however, bearing in mind that the box loses a lot of its rigidity as soon as you take the bottom out you soon realize that it's REALLY within your best interest to open the box out.

Before any paper went down or holes were cut out, the parts that were once the top flaps of the box were reinforced with some duct tape so that they would no longer bend. With these bits no longer able to flex outward the walls/sides became twice as high.

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Windows are important because they let light into what is essentially, a very small enclosed space.

We chose to put in two windows and we made them circular in the hope that the circle shape of the side window would discourage our daughter from trying to hang out of it or pull herself up with it, which could potentially result in an unpleasant experience for her or in the house being damaged. To create the window shapes we just traced a bowl and a dinner plate.

If she was a bit older we could have made the door smaller and we could have even made it hinged as a flap however given her age we decided to make it nice and big and open.

We drew the design onto the cardboard with pencil however I've input the rough design on the photo above digitally to give you a rough idea of how we laid out the pattern. Again, the perspective of the photo isn't so hot.

Cut Out Pieces And Cover The Inside

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We used wrapping paper to do the interior and we applied it with glue sticks. We went through approximately 10 glue sticks to complete this part.

When you are choosing paper for the interior you want to make sure that it is BRIGHT. Remember that you are papering a very small space but you want it to look as big as possible so a light color/pattern is very important. I chose this wrapping paper because it was .89p a roll (needed 1.5 rolls) and it had the perfect balance between bright cheerful colors as well as an incredibly cute pattern (insects=love).

Since we were using wrapping paper and wrapping paper is very thin as well as unable to withstand much moisture we decided to use glue sticks as our adhesive and they worked brilliantly. You don't need to cover every inch of the card with glue when you are papering, however you do need to make sure that key areas such as around windows and edges are very generously coated.

Remember, if any little edges are left pickable the little one will pick at them and de-paper the house with lightning precision.

An idea for an older child might be to paper the interior (or maybe the whole house) in plain white paper (super cheap) and then give them some marker pens to decorate the house themselves!

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Try to be mindful to overlap paper whenever possible around edges to hide the raw cardboard. We remembered to do this sometimes, but not all the time. A lesson learned to be applied to our next house!

Duct Tape Into A House Shape

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After the whole interior was papered we needed to put the house back together.

Duct tape is amazing, I simply can not say enough good things about the stuff. Be generous with the duct tape. nice strong joins will contribute substantially to the rigidity of the house as a whole.

We were quite fortunate that we could use the pre-existing bends in the box to our advantage and that there were two giant flaps on the bottom that we were able to turn into the roof peak however, if you have a box that doesn't have any spare cardboard remember that you can always butcher another box. Save up your cardboard and make something amazing!

Trim The Roof And Apply More Duct Tape

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Trimming the roof was tricky because we just used a box cutter to cut along the peak shape. If you look closely you can see that on the right side we had a bit of a whoopsie but, it wasn't the end of the world. I'm sure there is a better way of doing it but at this point it was past our bedtime and we were getting sleepy.

Again, we used plenty of duct tape and the house as a whole is fairly sturdy.

Cover The Outside And You're Finished!

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We splurged a bit for the wallpaper we used for the exterior but you have to admit, the stone pattern is fairly awesome! It cost us 7.99 for the roll and we've still got most of it. I love the effect however, lining up the stones was a pain and to be fair we could have just covered the whole thing in wrapping paper if we really wanted to.

The roof was covered last. This paper (also wallpaper) was a bargain, on clearance for a pound because it was the last roll! We of course have a ton of that left over too.

Because we used wallpaper for the exterior we needed to apply it to the house with something a bit more substantial than glue sticks. We used white glue applied with old plastic(credit style) cards, like scrapers. Using white glue is tricky because it's very wet. You need to be extremely careful to NOT over-saturate the cardboard and to spread it quickly and as thinly as possible.

Once the paper is all applied you just have a bit of trimming to tidy up and you're golden!

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Almost A Year Later

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I can't wait to see what we'll come up with for our next cardboard play house project!!

More Tutorials By Me

Recently I've started creating tiny fairy houses with cardboard and dollhouses with foam board. If anyone is interested in scaling down the big cardboard project I've included links to the tutorials in my blog below. (

Image Credits

All photographs on this page are my own (unless otherwise stated) and I do not give permission for them to be used elsewhere.

 Last updated on July 8, 2014

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Will You Be Looking At Your Spare Cardboard A Bit Differently Now? 162 comments

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mySuccess8 2 months ago Level 1 Commenter

Innovative idea which is of great help for us who want to build something similar and simple. Thanks!

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Elyn MacInnis 2 months ago from Shanghai, China Level 2 Commenter

Awesome - it is so pretty! I never thought of using wall paper as a wall covering in a cardbox play house. That is such a good idea.

SusanDeppner profile image

SusanDeppner 2 months ago from Arkansas USA Level 7 Commenter

Love this! My cat knew about cardboard playhouses all along, but you've taken things to the next level - for sure. Did I mention that I love this? Great tutorial, perfect little model!

AnonymousC831 profile image

AnonymousC831 4 months ago from Kentucky Level 3 Commenter

Cool idea, I must try this.

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Corrinna-Johnson 4 months ago from BC, Canada Level 3 Commenter

Very cool! I want one for myself!

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Nithya Venkat 5 months ago from Dubai Level 1 Commenter

Awesome creative and cool lens, thanks for sharing. The doll house is amazing.

MarcellaCarlton 5 months ago

I love it. I usually just leave the box plain and the grand kids decorate it themselves. They have more fun in these than anyone could imagine. Really fun lens!

LauraHofman profile image

LauraHofman 5 months ago from Naperville, IL

Very clever and creative! Love what you did with this box...what a fun playhouse for your daughter! The stone look is super cool. Don't know that I have the patience to line it up though...

DebMartin profile image

DebMartin 5 months ago Level 3 Commenter

You have way more talent and ambition than I do and I'm impressed!

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kathysart 5 months ago

Ohhh my gosh.. way cute!!

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Craftypicks 5 months ago from Las Vegas Level 2 Commenter

My cat would love this. It also looks good to cover the litter pan. Sorry I don't have young ones. My cat is my baby.

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esmonaco 5 months ago from Lakewood New York Level 7 Commenter

How very creative, and your daughter is soooo cute, Congratulations on LOTD!!!

Merrci profile image

Merrci 5 months ago from Oregon's Southern Coast Level 8 Commenter

So much fun throughout the generations! Honestly the boxes are often more fun that what is in them. Great directions for a super clever house! Congratulations on Lens of the Day.

MJ Martin profile image

MJ Martin 5 months ago from Washington State Level 4 Commenter

Cardboard houses never go out of style, you took yours to a whole new level. Awesome. Very well made to have lasted that long. Great job. Congrats!

delia-delia profile image

delia-delia 5 months ago Level 5 Commenter

Congratulations on LOTD! Great lens and project! This is the very reason I can't throw away cardboard...I've done houses and as well for cats and little dogs...I wish now I taken photos, but have my sketches. I made shingles out of scrap cardboard, it looked cool after dry brushing with acrylic paint...there are so many things one can do with cardboard.

Dressage Husband profile image

Dressage Husband 5 months ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada Level 5 Commenter

This was definitely a hit with your little girl and a not too expensive gift! Made a great story an got a LOTD too!

Trudidyer profile image

Trudidyer 5 months ago

What a great idea! Love, Love, Love this!

ClassyGals profile image

ClassyGals 5 months ago from Pittsburgh

I certainly will! I like the way you used duct tape, isn't it amazing stuff? This would make a perfect playhouse for my cat. Thanks for providing the idea.

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 5 months ago Hub Author

@TerriCarr: Thank you! She is a big fan of bunnies ;)

Ibidii profile image

Ibidii 5 months ago from Northern California Level 6 Commenter

How cute! Congratulations on Lens of the Day! This is an awesome idea! Loos like your daughter loves it!

TerriCarr profile image

TerriCarr 5 months ago Level 5 Commenter

Your little girl is so lucky to have such a creative and resourceful Mom. I love that house. And I agree about the stone paper for the outside. At her age, she would probably be happy with lollipop wrapping paper....or bunnies. Can't have too many bunnies. :-)

anonymous 5 months ago

Love the creativity. Congratulations on getting LotD!

linfcor profile image

linfcor 5 months ago from Spring Hill Florida Level 3 Commenter

what a great idea for an indoor playhouse !

SheGetsCreative profile image

SheGetsCreative 5 months ago from Seattle, WA Level 5 Commenter

Great use of recycled boxes. Pinned

biorra2 profile image

biorra2 5 months ago

Great Idea !

SofyBelle profile image

SofyBelle 5 months ago Level 2 Commenter

I will most definitely be looking at all my cardboard a bit differently now. I will be making one of these houses for my 14 month old. Thank you so much for this lens and congratulations on LotD!!

HomeArtist1 profile image

HomeArtist1 5 months ago from Charlotte

Lovely! You both are quite the mom and dad artisans. I bet your lil' angel will always remember her box house. When I was a kid, we made cardboard houses but as children the house was never quite right. Fabulous lens, by the way!

Faye Rutledge profile image

Faye Rutledge 5 months ago from Concord VA Level 5 Commenter

I love this idea! My kids and grandkids have played in many cardboard boxes, but they were never wall papered or made to look like a real house (in anything but their imagination). This is so cool! Congratulations on LotD!

Charito1962 profile image

Charito1962 5 months ago from Manila, Philippines Level 6 Commenter

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

tazzytamar profile image

tazzytamar 5 months ago from chichester Level 6 Commenter

Amazing idea - just shows what you can do with the simplest things in life!

amandascloset0 profile image

amandascloset0 5 months ago Level 2 Commenter

I loved this little playhouse! What an amazing idea~ Congrats on LOTD!

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nikahexplorer 5 months ago

That's really an amazing lens. Superb!!!

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Scindhia H 5 months ago from Chennai Level 1 Commenter

wonderful playhouse!

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mel-kav 12 months ago Level 2 Commenter

I love this playhouse! Really cool!

GenesisLabs 13 months ago

This looks really cool, amazing what a little creativity can do.

Julia Morais profile image

Julia Morais 13 months ago

So creative. Love your lens. Wish I hadn't given all my empty boxes away.

about-pomeranian profile image

about-pomeranian 13 months ago

Amazing. Really great creation.

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 16 months ago Hub Author

@Jace The Ace: it took her over a week to warm up to it but now she plays in it every day :)

Jace The Ace profile image

Jace The Ace 16 months ago

That is extremely cool. Although the baby looks perplexed, there is also joy apparent. I'm thinking she warms up to it...

edwardjacob 16 months ago

Nice thing that you shared with us, nice art and i'm going to do it now for my little boy, Thank you so much!

anonymous 17 months ago

nice article

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@Keeah: absolutely :)

Keeah profile image

Keeah 17 months ago

Awesome idea! If she asks for Barbie's doll house when she's older, you can tell her "Why buy that? We can make a better one!"

Faye Rutledge profile image

Faye Rutledge 17 months ago from Concord VA Level 5 Commenter

Wow, this is an amazing cardboard house! I can remember making box houses when I was a kid, and my kids and grandkids have done the same...but none as awesome as this one! Love it!

webscribbler 17 months ago

What a perfect castle for such a lovely little princess! Love the stone wallpaper haven't seen that before. I could see doing so many projects with that.

evie-babyboutique 17 months ago

Wonderful . Great idea. I will make one for sure :)

anonymous 17 months ago

Very creative. Great lens.

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someone111 17 months ago

Cute and thrifty! Great idea!

ivanjones 17 months ago

it is wonderful idea

Carol Houle profile image

Carol Houle 17 months ago from Montreal Level 2 Commenter

I certainly will see my boxes differently. Love the stone wallpaper. Perhaps there's roof tile wallpaper as well :~)

Toytasting LM profile image

Toytasting LM 17 months ago

A great idea and easy to do. Well illustrated with the pictures. Thanks for the idea :)

bannerbuzzuk 17 months ago

I will Keep this in my mind for future planning...

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@ArmchairBuilder1: Thanks :) it is great paper, just need to make sure you put it on right side up or the shadows go the wrong way :D

ArmchairBuilder1 profile image

ArmchairBuilder1 17 months ago

great lens! I'm a builder so I was drawn in by the looks so real!

anonymous 17 months ago

Great ideas!

anonymous 17 months ago

Liked and Pinned!

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Elis173 17 months ago

Great idea! Thanks

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TheTopSuccessCo 17 months ago

Now that's what I call getting creative, great job!

Paladins profile image

Paladins 17 months ago

I had to laugh. Our kids played with a lot of boxes while growing up but none of them looked as good as yours. Those times are some of their favorite memories too. Kids like boxes! What a great lens. Thanks for sharing.

PhilVardy profile image

PhilVardy 17 months ago

Great Idea. I think I'd take it a step further in the Eco-friendly/non-toxic direction.... I'd avoid the use of Wrapping paper - I think I'd have my son place his hands in some organic dyes (will make a lens on this!) - then he can decorate with his hands!... other ideas would be using branches, leaves, etc to decorate... Great Idea nonetheless!

street2linen profile image

street2linen 17 months ago

This so genius and cute!

Mishael A Witty profile image

Mishael A Witty 17 months ago

This is so awesome! My little girls would LOVE this! :-)

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centralplexus 17 months ago

Excellent idea and explained in great detail.Thanks for sharing!

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@goldenrulecomics: That is such a wonderful keepsake! Thank you for sharing :)

goldenrulecomics profile image

goldenrulecomics 17 months ago Level 3 Commenter

Wonderfully done. The younger half of goldenrulecomics kept one of our larger moving boxes when we arrived in London in her room. She cut a door and holes in it, decorated it, even attached a larger wardrobe box to it over the five years we lived there. It really was one of her favorite toys! We left it behind when we moved back to the States but cut a large panel from it as a memory. It's in our spare room!

karen-stephens profile image

karen-stephens 17 months ago

My mom never made me one of those.. :(

agagata lm profile image

agagata lm 17 months ago

Briliant idea! I will make one for my kids! Thank you for sharing!

miaponzo 17 months ago

GREAT play house!!!!

liny-tan 17 months ago

oh so cute!!!

anonymous 17 months ago

This is great! Nice idea & details to the whole process! Thanks.

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WriterJanis2 17 months ago Level 5 Commenter

This is such a fun idea!

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writerkath 17 months ago Level 3 Commenter

This is such an awesome project! As soon as our little grandson is old enough, we'll definitely do this.

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philstephens 17 months ago

I love this idea! A fair bit of work, but making it fun with the kids would definitely work!

fivestead 17 months ago

Very cool lens, I am ultimately inspired. Looks fun.

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mcspocky lm 17 months ago

That's a pretty cool playhouse for being made out of cardboard!

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VineetBhandari 17 months ago

wow lens & idea to be with kids

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wulfguard 17 months ago

looks ingeniously awesome! love the stone finish, nice lens!

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Jogalog 17 months ago

My husband and I are moving house soon so we'll be trying out making one of these. Great idea.

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Netlexis LM 17 months ago

What a wonderful idea! I love how you finished it.

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irminia 17 months ago

Charming and nicely designed. A wonderful idea.

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Mimi2745 17 months ago

Lovely :)

LluviaDeArte profile image

LluviaDeArte 17 months ago

How very creative, and what an adorable house and child. The lens is so well put together, I think all my friends with little babies will love this idea, I will definitely pass it along. Thank you so much for writing this

Useray LM profile image

Useray LM 17 months ago

looks very creative and like loads of fun:)

DebW07 17 months ago

Great idea!

anonymous 17 months ago

Wow! Lucky girl to have such a beautiful house to play in. The wallpaper design is amazing, it looks so real. Thank you for a great tutorial and congratulations on the purple star.

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@SciTechEditorDave: Thank you so much! Your lens on cardboard structures ( is amazing :)

SciTechEditorDave profile image

SciTechEditorDave 17 months ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California

Nice! I always enjoyed cardboard boxes when I was a kid ... and then, for Halloween costume materials when I was in college even ... and recently, my granddaughter came for a visit. Since I work from home and needed to keep her occupied sometimes so she wouldn't interrupt online meetings and such, I bought a set of boxes from our local storage facility -- and we created a playhouse, a reading nook, and a bunch of other things. Neat ideas here ... I'll try them when she comes to visit again ... Congrats on a Squidoo masterpiece!

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@moonlitta: blanket and chair play tents are also wonderful! I made many with my cousins when I was little :)

moonlitta 17 months ago

It's beautiful. Never done it because it won't survive my daughter's interest, but yesterday made her one out of blankets and chairs, she stayed there for two hours with the cat:)

Ninche profile image

Ninche 17 months ago

Absolutely yes! Thank you for sharing this with us, it is great :)

mycanvas profile image

mycanvas 17 months ago

Awesome! I once made a car for my son to play but not as extensive as this especially with wallpaper and décor! Great Job!

Flowerchild1946 profile image

Flowerchild1946 17 months ago from Florida

It's adorable! And what awesome instructions you've given! Much better than my lens about building a puppet stage out of a cardboard box, although perhaps you might want to build her one when she's a bit older, Hey, maybe you can do a better one, so check mine out some time. Great lens, mom and dad!

AGreeneGirl profile image

AGreeneGirl 17 months ago

Wow! My kids love boxes and they are 9 and 7 year old twins. We always want to do something cool with the bigger ones, I think we may have to try this out! Thanks for sharing. Love the fact that it was relatively quick and inexpensive with a lot of things that people already have around the house!

CamelliaPenny profile image

CamelliaPenny 17 months ago from South Carolina Level 1 Commenter

What fun! I'd love to get a bigger box and make a bigger one for my son (who is older than your daughter).

Vikk Simmons profile image

Vikk Simmons 17 months ago from Houston Level 1 Commenter

This is such a creative idea. Great job. I absolutely never thought of doing this and wish I had. :)

chi kung profile image

chi kung 17 months ago

such a great idea - thank you for sharing!

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@anonymous: It almost ended up carpeted as well but we had to draw the line somewhere :)

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@DaughteroftheCr: When I was in school we had a project to make a mini house in math class so that we could work out the surface area and how many cubic inches were on the inside and whatnot :)

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@getmoreinfo: Thanks :) I'm looking forward to when my daughter starts putting in her two cents to things like this!

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@rattie lm: Thank you :) It helps having my husband to bounce ideas off of! He's great at building 3 dimensional things.

geetikasingh714 17 months ago

creative mind.

children should make like this things in adventurous

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@fifta: Thank you :) We just used a standard box cutter for the circles and the door. Instead of dragging the knife across the cardboard to do the cutting I poked it through over and over again really gently and carefully with carpet underneath so the knife could make a clean cut straight through.

rattie lm profile image

rattie lm 17 months ago Level 1 Commenter

That is pure magic! I could look at the same cardboard box all day and let me tell you, it would never turn out like that.

fifta profile image

fifta 17 months ago

Wow, what a great play house. I bet your daughter will love this house so much. It is made by love. Btw, perhaps it's a silly question, but what did you use to cut the circle, it looks so clean, is it a special art knife?

Ben Reed profile image

Ben Reed 17 months ago

A great idea for a project.

ismeedee profile image

ismeedee 17 months ago Level 1 Commenter

Just fabulous! So creative, well done!!

getmoreinfo 17 months ago

Such a fun idea for these cardboard box playhouses, nice photos and kids imaginations really make having these types of projects interesting.

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ruthlspurgeon 17 months ago

Good project. Looks like fun.

lionmom100 17 months ago

What fun. My kids used to do this.

DaughteroftheCr profile image

DaughteroftheCr 17 months ago

Awesome! Thank you for this...what a great homeschooling project!

anonymous 17 months ago

Oh, you went all out on this cardboard box. I've made several of them, but didn't do as great of a job of it as you did. This is really nice, and the little one will love having it to play in. How sweet! :)

lewisgirl profile image

lewisgirl 17 months ago Level 2 Commenter

Fantastic! Great details to complete this project! I am going to share with my grandkids

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@Kylyssa: That's such a shame but at least you still have the fond memory. :) I think that the fanciness is a lot more for me than it is for her...My grandma used to work for Avon and she'd get big boxes occasionally that she'd just flip over and cut a window into and I thought they were the greatest things ever :)

Kylyssa profile image

Kylyssa 17 months ago from Overlooking a meadow near Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA Level 4 Commenter

My momma made me a playhouse out of the box that her new refrigerator came in in the early seventies. I loved that thing. It wasn't as fancy as the cute cardboard playhouse you put together but it was my fortress of solitude until a windstorm broke out the front windows in the middle of the night and, alas, my cardboard playhouse had to be sacrificed.

mrdata profile image

mrdata 17 months ago

Very creative idea to enjoy kids! Congrats for your TOD!

auntjennie profile image

auntjennie 17 months ago from Canada

I bet your little girl love this playhouse. My niece is four and she still loves to play with boxes. She currently has a cardboard box house she decorated and a puppet theater her mom made her using a cardboard box and an a plastic table cloth.

tobydavis profile image

tobydavis 17 months ago

Fantastic stuff! Love the idea of not just recycling, but reusing - excellent lens!

mina009 17 months ago

For sure yes, creativity is the key to it, great creation.

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@Titia: Thanks :) I had a blast making it, my husband enjoyed the building part but not so much the decorating!

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@anonymous: Thanks, it wasn't planned, we just fell in love with it at the store!

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@EsotericAllusion: Well cats do love cardboard boxes more than most things after all :)

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 17 months ago Hub Author

@Ramkitten2000: A whole cardboard town would be amazing! so many possibilities :)

aesta1 profile image

aesta1 17 months ago Level 2 Commenter

What a great thing to do with kids.

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 17 months ago

That stonework-look wallpaper on the outside of the playhouse was a total stroke of genius - well worth the bit of a splurge!

Ramkitten2000 profile image

Ramkitten2000 17 months ago from Flagstaff, Arizona

How fun! I told my husband about this lens, and we're thinking we might try this for our little twin niece and nephew. I can imagine making a whole cardboard town. Thanks for the inspiration!

EsotericAllusion profile image

EsotericAllusion 17 months ago

I love this wee house so much! What a great recycling idea, and wonderful personal gift for any child. I may make a small house like this for my cat to use inside, as my kids are grown up.

lkamom profile image

lkamom 17 months ago from Marryland

It always used to amaze me that when I bought my children expensive toys for Christmas they would prefer to just play with the box it came in.

anonymous 17 months ago

The wallpaper you used for the outside really was a great pick! It makes the whole thing look a bit bigger than just a cardboard box. Great job.

MamaWildcraft 17 months ago

Love this! Have been wondering what to do with all of my cardboard boxes aside from making fire starters or taking to the recycle bin.

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stephen downing 17 months ago

Very effective, yet a nice simple design, love it

squidoopets profile image

squidoopets 17 months ago

SO COOL! My daughter would really love to do this project :D

glowchick 18 months ago

Love this idea! You gave alot of details to this page and I enjoyed reading it very much :)

anonymous 18 months ago

Oh My Goodness what an idea! Its really great.

Titia profile image

Titia 18 months ago from Waterlandkerkje - The Netherlands Level 2 Commenter

Oh definitely worth a raffle ticket, I'm sure. Great idea and it hardly costs anything and I'm sure too that you had a fun time making it.

MichaelDubrovnik 18 months ago

Great idea!! I wouldn't tear so much when kids played Godzilla to a cardboard playhouse.

JeffGilbert profile image

JeffGilbert 18 months ago

Wow, this is a really creative use of what normally would have wound up in a landfill. Great lens!!

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 18 months ago Hub Author

@kce5590: Thanks :) It was extremely inexpensive to make!

kce5590 profile image

kce5590 18 months ago

Thats awesome!! I have 2 kids 3 and 4 and I bought them one for christmas... Needless to say it was destroyed in like 2 days. But this, its alot cheaper than going out and buying one. Its also adorable!!

maryseena profile image

maryseena 18 months ago

Beautiful play house! Your kid is so lucky. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.

Deadicated LM profile image

Deadicated LM 18 months ago

Fantastic idea and Lens.

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 18 months ago Hub Author

@dudokdudok: Thanks :) It was a lot of fun to make!

dudokdudok 18 months ago

LOVE the play house you have made! It truly looks gorgeous. I am going to make one for my sons. Looking forward to it. What a great idea for fun family project. Well presented lense.

chocochipchip profile image

chocochipchip 18 months ago

It looks so cute! Nice work!!

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 18 months ago Hub Author

@john9229: Or you can combine several and make a castle with turrets! :D

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 18 months ago Hub Author

@Ardyn25: Thanks :)

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 18 months ago Hub Author

@Craftypicks: 3 years is a really impressive box survival time!!! There should be a huge flat packed cardboard box section at Toys R Us for sure.

LadyDuck 18 months ago

Good job, very nice baby house.

john9229 18 months ago

My son is 5 years old, he loved this play house since he was a small baby... but now I need bigger boxes for him :)

BobZau profile image

BobZau 18 months ago

Well done! Looking forward to your next creations.

sue826 lm profile image

sue826 lm 18 months ago

It's amazing how entertaining so simple can be. It's an amazing transformation. I can't imagine any kid not loving his own play house

ladyyummy profile image

ladyyummy 18 months ago

That's so cute and awesome!!!

Craftypicks profile image

Craftypicks 18 months ago from Las Vegas Level 2 Commenter

Out of every gift my kids ever got the favorite all time gift was not what was purchased. It came in a huge box and that box lasted 3 years with constant play. We did use duct tape to keep it from falling apart. Even to this day my kids still talk about their box. Great lens. I love the wrapping paper idea.

Ardyn25 profile image

Ardyn25 18 months ago

You guy's did an awesome job! I used to make cardboard houses with my son and really miss it. I love the idea of wallpaper on the outside, the brick pattern looks great.

hotsquid profile image

hotsquid 18 months ago

Very creative idea, kids will love it. Great lens!

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 18 months ago Hub Author

@LiteraryMind: Thanks! The potential of a refrigerator box is enormous! It's amazing how much fun you can have with a bit of cardboard :)

LiteraryMind profile image

LiteraryMind 18 months ago Level 2 Commenter

This is great. When I was little we lived in an apartment over an appliance store. Whenever they asked for it, the store owner would give my parents and empty refrigerator box. We had a ball just crawling in and out of the plain old box and sitting inside.

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 18 months ago Hub Author

@Aunt-Mollie: Thanks :)

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 18 months ago Hub Author

@johnsja: Thank you :)

Stuwaha profile image

Stuwaha 18 months ago Hub Author

@shellys-space: Thanks :) it's just wrapping paper on the inside. Contact paper would also work but it would have been more expensive. I hope that our daughter enjoys making things like this when she's older! I'm thinking... castles!

shellys-space profile image

shellys-space 18 months ago from Midwest U.S.A.

My son STILL loves big cardboard boxes to build "stuff" and he is 13 :) I never thought of adding some contact paper to the inside for wallpaper! Duct tape is a must on any cardboard home building project. Excellent photos and I hope your little on enjoys the home!

johnsja 18 months ago

Wow! This is so pretty and way better than a store bought one. Looks like your daughter is pretty impressed too. Love your instructions.

Aunt-Mollie 18 months ago

What a creative idea!

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